Drug Toxicity Studies

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toxicidadMany chemotherapeutic agents used for many types of tumors are often associated with severe adverse events and reactions that compromise the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. The prediction of the toxicity of treatment and ablity to adjust the dose according to the metabolism of each patient currently allows different therapy schemes.

Some genetic variations have been associated with toxicity in patients treated with fluoropyrimidines (5-FU, Capecitabine), oxaliplatin, irinotecan and other chemotherapeutic agents complexes. There has been a demonstrated association with different degrees of toxicity and validation between genetic polymorphism in DPYD, MTHFR, UGT1A1, TYMS, ERCC1, RRM1 and more genes.

Biomakers has molecular studies of these polymorphisms to predict toxicity to chemotherapy and allow both proper selection of therapeutic regimens and proper adjustment of the dose.

Biomaker Evidence Type Molecular Alteration
Drug Sensitivity Analysis Methodology* Test ID
DPYD Recomended Predictive Polimorfimos 5FU S. Sanger TxDPYD
TYMS Recomended Predictive Polimorfimos 5′ UTR 5FU S. Sanger TxTYMS5
TYMS Recomended Predictive Polimorfimos 3′ UTR Metrotexato qPCR TxTYMS3
UGT1A1 Recomended Predictive Polimorfimos *28A Irinotecan S. Sanger TxUGT1A1
MTHFR Recomended Predictive Polimorfimos Metrotexato S. Sanger TxMTHFR
ERCC1 In research
Predictive Expression Cisplatinos IHQ TxERCC1
RRM1 In research
Predictive Expression Gemcitabina IHQ TxRRM1

*Sanger: Sanger Sequencing – IHC: Immunohistochemistry– FISH: In situ hybridization

This section presents a classification of molecular studies currently available. This website information has been supervised by our BIOMAKERS specialists’ team. The recommendations present here do not aim to substitute the guidelines of medical societies or the oncological treatment guidelines currently available.

Consulted Sources:

National Institute of Cancer
Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases
American Cancer Society
My Cancer Genome

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