Hereditary Diseases and Genetic Counseling

Hereditary Diseases and Genetic Counseling 2017-08-29T16:10:55-03:00

Genetic diagnosis is a medical tool which allows us to detect genetic causes of a disease, in other words, to detect which gene and DNA mutations originate that pathology.

In BIOMAKERS we develop molecular studies which predict risk on every patient and/ or relative of developing hereditary diseases. Besides, we provide genetic counseling through a doctor specialist who provides information and support to patients who suspect of getting a genetic disorder or who have a history record of any cancer or hereditary disease or recurrent pathological condition. Genetic adviser may work along with your doctor to complete the clinical diagnosis with the genetic one.

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If you wish to have genetic counseling or to do a genetic study, contact us.

Medical Provider

Many social providers, prepaid health insurance systems and medical insurances provide for genetic studies of cancer and other hereditary diseases. BIOMAKERS is currently working with many medical providers. For more information, contact BIOMAKERS and your medical provider.

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