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Biomakers is a company that specializes in genetic and molecular studies for cancer and other complex diseases of Argentina and Latin America. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in scientific, medical and clinical research field, features that allow us to provide both the physician and the patient a comprehensive molecular diagnostic service and advice.

Physicians, Pathologists, Oncologists, Breast Surgery Consultants, Neurologists, Genetic Counselors, Molecular biologists, Biochemists and Biotechnologists with prestigious local and international experience have come together to form an unprecedented scientific group for the greater good of the region.


Biomakers began with the firm conviction to apply knowledge and advances in molecular biology to diagnosis and personalized medicine, and thus provide the patient and the medical professional with maximum scientific and technological innovation for everyday medical practice.

In a short time Biomakers has become an institution of Molecular Pathology leader at the region with the largest number of molecular studies with the best quality service, providing thousands of patients the possibility of better and more precise treatment options.


At Biomakers we are committed to becoming an institution at the local and international level providing high-end services related to personalized medicine, ensuring continuous improvement of our services, guided by quality, technological innovation, scientific rigor and our team’s professional work with a multidisciplinary approach.


In Biomarkers we develop, produce and offer personalized medical services with the highest professional, technical and ethical values, successfully following with the requirements and needs of researchers, doctors and patients.

Our services include molecular studies, counseling for hereditary diseases and interpretation of results prioritizing the report time and constant communication with each professional. From this, we promote continuous improvement of our Quality Management System which ensures the security and confidentiality of each report.

We also develop research studies and clinical and epidemiological programs about diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers, working in partnership with public and private organizations. Also, through the Department of Research and Development (R & D), we promote the design of new techniques of molecular detection for biomarkers.




Specialist in Clinical Research,



Medical Director

Specialist in Molecular Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, UBA.



Technical Director / R & D Director 

Doctor UBA, FCEyN, UBA. Biological Sciencies Graduate, FCEyN, UBA.


Equipo de profesionales médicos


Clinical Oncologist
Former Director of the Oncology Institute Angel H. Roffo (UBA) and Member of the Executive Council at the National Institute of Cancer (NIC).

Claudio MARTIN, MD

Oncologist, Specialist in Lung Cancer.
Chief of the Thoracic Oncology at the Alexander Fleming Institute and M. Ferrer Hospital.

Guillermo MÉNDEZ, MD

Oncologist, Specialist in Colorectal Cancer.
Gastroenterology Hospital Dr. C. Bonorio Udaondo and Favaloro Foundation.

Contact to our Oncology Team at contacto@biomakers.net

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