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Hereditary cancer and genetic advice

BIOMAKERS Genetic advice unity has as a main goal to provide attention, prevention and research of family and hereditary cancer through value, study and advisement of families with a greater genetic predisposition due to cancer.


Research and Development

In BIOMAKERS we keep and promote a close commitment to research and development through the systematic search of new generation methodologies for the determination of biomarkers.


Translocation of ROS1 in Patients with Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

ROS1 es un receptor TK que puede sufrir translocación en el 1-2% de los pacientes con CPCNP. Los pacientes que presentan esta alteración suelen ser jóvenes y no fumadores, tener adenocarcinomas…


Breast and Ovary Hereditary Cancer: analysis of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Know if you are a candidate for this genetic testing and what this is about. Discover the characteristics of this disease and which the available options are.

Accreditations and Validations: Quality Department

BIOMAKERS a través de su Departamento de Calidad ha acreditado todos sus procesos con certificaciones internacionales, y ha validado sus estudios de biomarcadores a través de organizaciones europeas de enorme prestigio a nivel global.

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